What is?
  • Low Vision
    •  A vision impairment not correctable by ordinary eyeglasses, contact lenses, medication or surgery, that interferes with a person’s ability to perform everyday activities.  
  • Vision Rehabilitation (from American Optemetric Association )
    • Vision rehabilitation is the process of treatment and education that helps individuals who are visually disabled attain maximum function, a sense of well being, a personally satisfying level of independence, and optimum quality of life. Function is maximized by evaluation, diagnosis and treatment including, but not limited to, the prescription of optical, non-optical, electronic and/or other treatments. The rehabilitation process includes the development of an individual rehabilitation plan specifying clinical therapy and/or instruction in compensatory approaches. Vision rehabilitation may be necessitated by any condition, disease, or injury that causes a visual impairment which results in functional limitation or disability. In addition to the evaluation, diagnosis and management of visual impairment by an eye care physician (optometrist or ophthalmologist), vision rehabilitation may include, but is not limited to, optometric, medical, allied health, social, educational and psychological services.
  • Definition of Legal Blindness
    • Vision less than 20/200 acuity and/or less than 20 degrees in field of vision in best eye with best correction (e.g. eyeglasses).