Low Vision Services

Low Vision Examinations 
Visit a low vision doctor for assessment of functional vision; 
prescription of and instruction on magnifiers, special glasses, and adaptive aids to maximize remaining vision.

Vision Rehabilitation 
Learn adaptive skills including household management, health/personal care, and safe meal
  Adaptive aids may be included.

Occupational Therapy Learn to enhance home safety and vision for daily functioning.

Orientation & Mobility
Learn safe, independent travel skills.

Psychosocial Services
Receive emotional support for individuals and their families coping with vision loss.

Career Services
Prepare for and obtain employment.

Adaptive Technology Center
Learn technology skills including keyboarding, computers, and text-to-speech software tools.

Community Education
Learn about living successfully with low vision; designed for service providers, organizations, senior groups and families. 
Members of the MHVLVN are available to attend community events and provide educational programs to groups and organizations. 

Program for Seniors An engaging presentation designed for older adults -  senior centers, living communities, support groups - to learn about the 4 leading causes of vision loss in older adults, early warning signs, vision rehabilitation and low vision adaptive aids such as magnifiers and talking devices.

Program for Healthcare Providers Designed for medical staff, home health aides, visiting nurses, case managers and discharge planners, this interactive presentation gives providers the information they need to improve quality of care, help clients remain independent & safe in their home and communities and compassionately interact with visually impaired clients.

Program for Caregivers The older adult population continues to grow and caregivers are increasingly in need of resources to care for themselves and their loved ones. This program will include:
“What can they see?” - the 4 leading causes of vision loss and how they effect vision
How can you help?” - Learn about adaptive devices, techniques, low vision services and community resources
“Are you taking care of you?” - Coping skills

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